Our first post…

I guess we’ve got to start from the beginning… and the video above is exactly that!

Reel Youth Media Started out as a kernel of an idea back in February, 2014 when a handful of young people and tutor, Stephen Tierney, got together to begin making video clips of some of the things that took place at the project every week.  A few of the young people already had an interest in DSLR video and with support from tutors at Totally Sound set about making the video clip above.

They decided they wanted to do some interviews with the people who attended the project and devised a series of questions to get the process underway.  Working together, they set up a small makeshift video location in a small room at South Bridge Resource Centre with a couple of DSLR cameras, a small audio recording unit and a battery powered lighting rig (kindly borrowed from Totally Sound tutor, Fraser Fulton).  They quickly worked out their individual roles within the group and tasks were divided up between them.  It was pretty obvious that there was a real appetite to create something.

totally sound digital media team


The first incarnation of the digital media team! (back row l – r) Emma Milligan, Luke McAdie, Robyn Stewart-Evans (front row l – r) Amy Edwards, Ronan Heathcote.

After the interviews had taken place and all the footage and audio had been gathered, Luke McAdie assembled the finished piece at home on his computer and brought it back to the group to upload to the newly established Totally Sound TV YouTube Channel.

The initial idea took off and very soon it was quite a common sight at Totally Sound on a Saturday afternoon to see groups of young people engaging with digital media projects that supported the music production taking place.  There were videos of live performances, music videos, photography sessions and allsorts taking place with the support of tutors and staff.

It was from this initial kernel of an idea that Reel Youth Media was born to support the creation of digital media content for young bands, performers and youth music events and services.