Staff Training with Media Education Ltd.

The summer is over and we’re all getting back to work.. Reel Youth Media will be starting an exciting programme of workshops on 26th September and to help us with staff training and planning we have been blessed to be able to secure the services of Iain Shaw at Media Education Ltd.

Over the course of two full days we’ll be working with Iain to devise some skills based workshops, some fun projects and bring the Reel Youth Media tutor team together to plan our years activities.  We’ve already had a planning meeting with Media Education to discuss the sort of work we’re going to be doing and how best to use our time and they have been fantastic at coming up with ideas as to how to best use our planning and training time.  The two day event promises to be very fruitful and should lay the groundwork for the year to come.

Media Education Ltd. are based in Dalry and are involved in some very interesting pieces of work with young people and local organisations.  If you have the time you should check out their website HERE which showcases some of the projects they’ve been involved with.