Reel Youth Media @ The Meadows Festival 2015

It was an eventful weekend at The Meadows Festival for the Reel Youth Media team…

meaadows festival 1The team arrived on Saturday morning, prepared for a day of digital media activity before the decision was made to cancel the days events.  Unfortunately due to high winds and several of the standing structures being blown over (including the Futures Stage!) the entire day was called off… much to the dismay of all the stall holders, performers, festival goers and ourselves.

We determined to make up for it on Sunday…

The following day the team arrived for the days events and the Meadows Festival was bathed in glorious sunshine.  Stages were being set up, musicians and performers were arriving and stall holders were getting set up.  The team et about establishing their base at the Futures Stage and setting up camera rigs, audio recording units, tripods and other bits and pieces.

Over the course of the next 6 hours or so the team captured several hours of video footage, audio recording and lots of still images.

meadows festival 2The Reel Youth Media team filming at the Futures Stage at the Meadows Festival 2015

After long day at the Futures Stage we moved over to the Red Dog Music Stage to catch a little bit of Eliza Carthy’s headline set.  Eliza took the time after her performance to give an interview to our team about her experience playing at the Meadows Festival and how she got started in music.

meadows festival 4Joseph from Reel Youth Media onstage filming Eliza Carthy at the Red Dog Music Stage at the Meadows Festival 2015

It was an exhausting day but a fantastic experience for the team who were working together for the first time.  So much footage was collected that they will next be faced with the daunting task of assembling video clips for uploading online.

Look out for upcoming video content from the Reel Youth Media team…